What is a SAR Tech?

“Their job reads like an action novel. In the air, they act as spotters and direct the dropping of equipment and supplies by parachute or hoist. On the ground, they perform mountain rescue operations, organize and lead ground search teams and provide on-site medical care to casualties.
They are trained to operate boats and carry out underwater rescues using scuba gear. They are survival experts under all Canadian climactic and terrain conditions: land, sea, in the Arctic, on mountains and glaciers.
In between disaster calls, they are continually refining and honing their skills in advanced trauma life-support, land and sea survival, rescue techniques from helicopters, parachuting, diving, and mountain climbing and rappelling.
Search and Rescue can be a dangerous business. Those who choose to work as rescuers accept the risks, confident that their training, experience and teamwork will see them safely through perilous situations. Occasionally, some rescuers face extreme danger, not necessarily because they are braver than any other, but because they are the ones on the scene and they know others' lives depend upon their immediate actions.”

SAR Tech Motto - "That Others May Live"
Without regard for my personal comfort or self advancement, to the best of my ability and to the limitations of my physical and psychological endurance, I solemnly pledge to make every effort to return to safety, those victims of disaster entrusted to my care by the assignment of the mission to which I have consented. These things I shall do: 'That others may live'

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